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1950 Italian Neapolitan Hand-made And Painted Terracotta Nativity Fisherman Figurine Statue

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1950 Italian Neapolitan hand-made and painted terracotta nativity (creche) fisherman figurine statue.

This terracotta statue was made by hand in Naples in 1950 as a wedding gift. Neapolitan nativity scenes would have many such characters illustrating various arts and trades. This lovely character is a fisherman by trade, and bears a fishnet, a "lampara" (a lamp for catching fish at night time) and a basket, as an offering to the Baby Jesus. His facial features, vestments and colors are very detailed and expressive. This is a relatively tall figure measuring 21cm or 8.25inches. Fingers missing in one hand. Signed on the bottom: "M. Galeno".

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